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Residential painting can be very stressful and messy to finish on your own. And so, most people want to find a trustworthy painting service to finish their residential paint job.

But many problems arise when finding a good painting service. They either do not provide 24/7 service, have less idea about basic painting rules, and, sometimes, take more the their allotted time to finish the job. Well, with The Golden Painters, there is no way you will be disappointed!

We are not only responsible in our work but out customers love our work ethics and most of them come back for more. At the Golden Painters, we offer interior, exterior and even commercial painting. Not only that, you can call at our call centre anytime to schedule an appointment. We’re very punctual and we will finish the job perfectly in no time.

Things you need to do prior to the paint job :

If you hire The Golden Painters for your residential paint job, we will need your help to finish our work. Before we start working, we ask our clients to move all their furniture to the middle of the room. After that, we cover everything with a drop cloth. If there are any heavy furniture that should be moved out of the room, our professionals can help. We try our best to finish the job without messing up your home. And so, for that, your cooperation is highly necessary.

Types of painting services we offer:

The Golden Painters mainly offer three types of services. They are – interior, exterior and corridor painting. Among them corridor painting is our specialty. As most services in LA do not provide corridor painting, we take pride in it.

Interior painting :

Interior painting is a service where mistakes are not acceptable. And that is why, we have the best professionals for this job. Be it for trim painting or all the walls, you can count on us to finish the job! Our residential paint job does a few kinds of interior painting. Such as, trim, cabinet, ceiling painting, kitchen and so on. So contact us now if you need a fast and efficient painting service.

Exterior painting :

Sometimes, while painting exteriors it takes more time to prepare than paint! Thus, The Golden Painters work on maintaining time and also, finishing the work. Not only that, exterior paint jobs create an enormous mess. So, we also try our best to keep it less messy and help you clean up afterwards.

Commercial painting :

As a business owner or building manager, you need to choose the right painter for your interior or exterior painting project. Not every painting company is equally qualified. It is important to choose carefully so that you can have confidence in the company you do select, and security in the knowledge that the end result will constitute a job well done.
Whatever the painting service is, we also help to prepare the walls and moving the furniture. This way, we can avoid making a big mess while doing our work.

There are also other services we offer besides painting. These are:

  • removing wallpapers


  • painting garage/basement


  • house painting


  • fixing cracks in walls

 Lastly, we do not consider our work done until you say so. At the Golden Painters, your satisfaction is the most important. So we prioritize your follow-up. We try our best to give you the service you wished for. If you are, however, not satisfied with our work, we promise to fix it without extra pay.

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