Living room paint colors TOP 10

Living room paint colors

Paint can make or break a space; it definitely adds more color and depth to space. Choosing appropriate commercial, residence or even living room paint colors is stressful; you have to make sure it appeals as a lively and welcoming space to everyone. A paint color can dramatically brighten or darken your room; it all depends on the pigment that you’ve chosen to be coated. You don’t only need to choose the shade of paint but also check the quality of the paint, the quality matters a lot. If you’ve coated your walls with bad eminence paint, it’ll fade away much quicker and eventually you will have to repaint again.

Now the next thing to be discussed is that what types of colors go in what surroundings. For any type of commercial or residential space, we are proud to announce the highest quality paints and expert painters from The Golden Painters, one of the best painting services in Los Angeles and other surrounding areas. We can assure that they apply excellent quality paints to both your exterior and interior space, with the exact thickness. This way your paint will stay more durable and it will be able to resist the elements, such as frost, rain, UV light and any other severe weather conditions for sure.

There are usually warm and cool tones in paint colors.

Cool tones such as blue, purple, emerald green; these shades are depicted from water, greenery, and sky so that’s why they are known as cool tones. Warm tones such as yellow, orange, red give an intimate and spicy feel to space. Today we will be telling you the top 10 living room paint colors for your home. The living room is a family room and it definitely reflects a lot of things about your family, you usually for all your casual gatherings and sittings in the living room so it should be warm toned and be inviting.

Most importantly, go with the theme of your furniture and other accessories placed in the living room, everything should be matched and go accordingly with the placed things in the living room. We have come up with some interesting living room paint color themes that will definitely be more appealing and alluring to all your family members and even outsiders.

1. Coral Rose with Pineapple Cream and Bright White for Ceiling

The main living room paint colors here are pinkish red and a light yellow shade. This theme will definitely be an inviting and comforting scene for the eyes. This coral rose color will symbolize love, honor, and faith. And the pineapple cream will symbolize gentleness, humor, and amusement.

2. Orange Peel with Ivory and Ghost White for Ceiling

The main colors here are bright orange with an off-whitish tint in grey. This melody will certainly be attractive and heartening. This orange peel color will symbolize joy, warmth, and enthusiasm. And the ivory will symbolize simplicity, cleanliness and open.

3. Rusty Red with Lemon Chiffon and Eggshell White for Ceiling

The main colors here are maroonish red and a graceful yellow shade. This theme will undeniably be a welcoming and soothing scene for the eyes. This rusty red color will symbolize joy, romance, and strength. And the lemon chiffon will symbolize happiness and positive energy.