Exterior paint ideas for house

Exterior paint ideas for house

If you are planning to renovate your house it is not just about decorating the interior portion of it. One should pay attention to the exterior portion of the house also. There is no point in beautifying the interior portion of the house if the exterior looks uninteresting and dull! If you invite someone in your house, he/she will get to see your lavish lifestyle. That particular person will check your exterior part of the house first and then judge your sense of style. So if you want a cool looking house, it’s time for you to look for exterior paint ideas.

Before you even start thinking about painting your house you must properly lay your walls first! There should be no holes, cracks or any other type of damage. If there is any damage, have it repaired first! After everything is finished, the next thing you should think about is about choosing the paint for the exterior part of your house. If you are planning to paint the exterior part of your house and you need help please visit https://thegoldenpainters.com/

Here are some paint ideas that will help you to your house only!

· Exterior paint schemes

The main thing is to decide the color of the paint. It is very important and you should know that painting only a single color makes your house look dull. The more you use contrasting colors the more it will be eye-catching. Don’t forget to consider which color you should use for the larger portions including walls and roofs. Other things which you should look out for are rakes, corner boards, window trim, and fascias.

· Blending with the surrounding

While you are choosing the color of the paint you are applying on the exterior part, you should look out for the surrounding also. Exterior paint ideas should be applied in such a way that it must blend with the surrounding properly. Note that it does not mean that you have to have matching color to your neighbor’s house! Make it sure your house doesn’t look out of the place. Don’t go for any trends as they won’t long last! If you use very light shades, the house looks bigger. Another advantage of using lighter shades is dark shades fade away due to weather conditions but lighter shades don’t.

· Style of architecture

You should look for exterior paint ideas which go with the architecture of your house! Different exterior paint styles go along with different architectural ideas. You may live in a colonial house or a Victorian style home. In this case, it would be better if you use color combinations that go along with it.

Another thing that you should consider is the location of your house. You may live in the urban, suburban or rural region in which case color schemes along with architectural design changes! If you have a cottage type house go for vibrant colors! You should use bolder color if your house is surrounded by mountains and green fields! Colours such as beige, brown, navy blue are good strong colors for ranch houses!

These ideas are quite feasible for one and all and can help you to paint the exterior of your home effortlessly.