Chalk paint


Chalk paint a good paint to rely on for the furniture painting projects, Although it can be used for many other surface painting, the paint is primarily used for furniture painting. Chalk paint brand is formally registered under Annie Sloan through her company. So she was the front-runner In its manufacture and usage. However, many companies now manufacture the paint and its associated products. What’s outstanding about it is its super adhesion qualities. To apply chalk paint there is no need to do a prep on a furniture. All is needed is just to clean the furniture using a common degreaser. This paint can be applied in pretty much any type of furniture and in any condition. No sanding and no varnish removal. The chalky coat doesn’t need to be protected with a furniture wax as the paint itself dries to a matte finish.

Advantages of Chalk Paint

No prep work- The most common and popular advantage of the paint is that there is no riming required before it can be applied, Dries faster – Chalk paint dries faster than a majority of other paints. This advantage allows for the painting of two coats within an hour, including painting the two coats and allowing them to dry.
Use it for almost any surface – Chalk paint sticks to almost any surface from furniture, steel, metal, glass to fabric walls. However, because of the many variant brands, it good to check with the brand chosen and ensure it will nicely stick to the target surface. Fewer coats are needed- different Chalk paint brands will call for a different number of coats. A high-quality Chalk paint, however, will only need two to three coats to change the surface from extreme darkness to light. Allows one to choose the style they want- Chalk paint is wrongly associated with a shabby chic look. It is capable of combining solid and smooth colors to bring out a modern outlook. Other common styles easily obtained with Chalk paint include artistic, farmhouse, rustic, antique, crackled and whimsical. For some people, redecorating and remodeling the old furniture is better than buying new ones. For this kind of people. finding a high-quality Chalk paint could be of great help. A Chalk paint high-quality an only be obtained from a reputable company, manufacturer or dealer.


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