Chalk paint is one of the beautiful paints

Chalk paint is one of the beautiful paints

Painting makes surfaces appealing and gives them an outstanding look. The choice of color also determines how a surface appears. Chalk paint is one of the beautiful paints to interact with. Chalk paint is a decorative paint that can be used outside or indoors on any surface. These paints are easy to use. Different colors of chalk paint can be mixed to have a range of colors. The paint can be thickened by leaving the lid open to let in some air. Smoothening is also possible by adding some water to the paint.


1) Various styles can be applicable

These paints have the flexibility of being applied in various styles on surfaces. A painter can have; rustic or junky style, farmhouse or chunky, artistic hand-painted designs, and antiqued or gently aged design. Also crisp, crackled and whimsical among other styles give a surface a superb outlook.

2) Requires less coats

A good quality chalk paint requires just a few coats of paint for a surface to have a smart finish. The desirable finish depends on the painter’s preferences, that is dark or light.

3) The paints are fast drying

Chalk paints require less time to dry. This is an advantage to the painter because he or she can apply some coats within a short period of time. Painters do not have to wait for long hours before they can paint other coats.

4) Less preparation

Chalk paint does not require any sanding or priming. This makes them easy and fun to use. This helps in saving time in that one does not waste a lot of time priming or sanding.

5) Easy to apply

These paints require less painting skills. Painting for the first time using these paints may give you great results than expected. This is because they are usable by any person regardless of the expertise, age or any other factor.

6) Availability

Most stores have various brands of chalk paint. This gives the painters assurance of consistency in their project. The paints are also available online at various online shops. Thus a painter should worry no more about where to get another paint after exhausting the one in hand.

7) Paint anything

The different brands of chalk paints give painters a wide range of applying chalk paint on different surfaces. The paint can be used on plastic, glass, linoleum. Fabric, dishes, outdoor furniture, metal, walls, tiles, laminate, steel, finished and unfinished wood among other surfaces.

8) Compatible with sealers

Sealers such as wax, varnish, and poly can be used to complement the chalk paint. This is because the sealers adhere to chalk paint resulting to a good looking finish.

9) Easy clean-up

Using soap and water, it’s easy to clean up the containers, brushes or rags. This is because chalk paints are water-based paints. Also scrapping off a paint-job is quite simple. It easy to clean a chalk painted surface to apply a new paint.
Nevertheless, some chalk paints are non-toxic and VOC free which are good for inside painting. Painters should opt trying this paints due to the numerous merits that coincide with the painter’s preferences. Golden painters do a great in painting thus in case of anything to do with paints visit: . Some of the services we offer include: Exterior and Interior painting, Commercial painting, Color consultancy and Decorative paint finishes among other services.